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Al Osman industries Ltd is providing avant-garde services in Oil & Gas and Mining sectors through our presence in Uganda and  the East African market. 

Al Osman was established to provide turn-key procurement and construction solutions. 

Al Osman represents reputable first class  mills, manufacturers, fabricators and service providers to ensure customized, cost efficient and timely delivery solutions to our customers in upstream, midstream, sub-surface and downhole

Al Osman is an ISO certified company and pledges to the highest quality and to incorporate the Safety standards and regulations as an integral aspect in all our operations.

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What We Do

Oil & Gas

Telinga EACOP Uganda oil & gas services. Uganda oil & gas companies
Telinga services
oil & gas consulting Uganda

we supply a wide range of essential equipment & supplies for Up & Midstream from best homes of oil & gas and we provide all supply related services.

We provide sub-surface, upstream & midstream services

we have combined the best
of local knowledge with
global expertise

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Al Osman in figures

represented by Al Osman providing the best products & services for Up & Midstream

Where we work

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We are proud to represent

KSB oil & gas pumps Uganda
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Flow Meter Marine Services Coiled Tubing Nitrogen Services Stimulation Grouting RTTS Packer’s Circulating Valve’s (C.V) Combined RTTS Packer / CV & TCP – Gun Combined RTTS Packer / CV & Scraper Sub Surface Control Valve (SSCV) Downhole Tools Cementing Emirates western oil well drilling & maintenance co. LLC Uganda. Emirates Western Oil Well Drilling & Maint.Co.LLC
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